Here I am

It has been a long time since I last posted here, just like the last time that I posted here. The truth is I have nothing good to say about anything right now. Nothing positive is happening to me, and I am in the worst state that I have ever been in. This thyroid cancer … Continue reading

Get to tha choppa

Hello, It has been a long time since I posted here, so long that I have had to reset my password. To be fair I have to do that a lot. And so should you. We are not here to talk about security breaches though, I am going to spare readers my toilet details in … Continue reading

Cancer stress takes the biscuit

It has been a while. A very long while in dog years, so Poppy tells me. Since I have been gone I have had a great time with my lovely wife and dog and my family, had my two year Caprelsa anniversary – there were no cards, seen some lovely people, been to a great … Continue reading

No news is good news… who knew?

It has been a long time since I last posted here, apologies to anyone who assumed that I was spending time away from this mortal coil. I haven’t had much to say to be honest. There comes a time in a man’s life, well this man’s life, when he starts to wonder what, if any, … Continue reading

Licensed to ill

The worst thing about being ill all the time is the feeling ill all the time, but I am learning to love it. I am not alone in suffering. Many, many people endure cancer – whether they have it or care for someone who has it. It is an unrelenting shit that makes its way … Continue reading

The drugs still work

Good news from the Royal Marsden. My calcitonin count continues to fall. This means that the chemo drugs are working. My gang of tumours is not increasing in size and have actually been bashed down into almost submission.  This is dandy news. The most dandy news of all. The chemo drugs, Caprelsa, both giveth and … Continue reading

Yo yo yo

Though I may be urban like a fox my Yo yo reference here is in relation to my weight.   My weight, which I can never remember, has been in decline since I started on the Caprelsa, a drug that has the sort of effect on my appetite that watching eels writhe does.   Food … Continue reading

On having a stroke

This Tuesday afternoon was fine, up to a point, that point being the time I had a minor stroke. I don’t know when it hit,  and the first thing I knew about it was when Charlotte came home and asked me what was wrong with my face. There was maybe a clue before then. I’d … Continue reading